Why Social Media Analytics Is A Cost-Effective Marketing Tool For Politicians

Politicians know that running for political office it is not a cheap endeavor. Social media is one of the few ways you can market your political campaign with a lower cost, permanent access to your message, and worldwide reach. What more could the future Prime Minister ask for?

Developing a successful social media strategy for marketing your campaign can be one way to save on your social media budget.  Even if you do not use social media for your personal life, it can be worth getting on board with due to it’s potential as a huge and cost-effective asset for a political party.

A traditional marketing campaign generally involves television, radio, and/or print.  Cost-wise, newspaper advertising is less than TV or radio, but it still costs money and often only reaches a local audience. Social media is less expensive than these traditional media platforms as it is nearly free, yet uniquely offers an unlimited reach!

Creating a profile on one of the hundreds of social media sites costs absolutely nothing.  However,  managing any marketing campaign will take time and money.  You will pay for it whether you do it yourself or hire someone else. Additionally, one of the best ways to pass your message online is also free. In providing positive and well received content, word of mouth and ‘retweets’/’reposts, allows your connections to share it  with their networks at no cost to you. Experts also say that their reach far overshadow anything you could pay for. When you’re a political candidate, you’re ultimately trying to convince the public to embrace your message and by having others share it for you, others are likely to catch on just because of sheer influence.

Similarly, unlike traditional forms of advertisement, social media marketing can also be used to test the effect of posts almost immediately and allows you to react accordingly. With social media analytics, you are  able to look at results in real time and change your messaging in matter of moments based upon how the public responds. Thus, social media analytics can deliver highly targeted and measurable results if executed properly, that analyzing traditional forms of marketing cannot.

Social media can help you reach an unlimited number of supporters– from all over the globe.  The importance of utilizing social media channels cannot be inconspicuous as a cost effective resource to approach campaign marketing. It also has proven success. President Trump used Twitter and social media to avoid big TV advertising spends and reduced the cost of campaigning significantly, to win the election.



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