What Questions Should You be Asking of Social Media to Boost Your Campaign?

With the wide-spread use of social media, you now have the privilege to work with a ton of data from the people who matter most to your campaign-the public. You can effectively use each of the most popular social networks (i.e: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to provide gather benchmarks to measure the success of your political bran and to understand how changes on the networks should impact your campaign’s tactics and audience engagement.

While many tools exist that can help you look at your social media data, they rarely are able to provide meaningful answers to your political questions. The trick is to ask the right questions of your data.

Here are a few analytics that DO matter on social media. Fortunately, these are relatively easy to track with the use of analytic tools:

  1. Who’s following you?

While politicians should constantly be keeping tabs on what their audiences are talking about, it’s just as important to understand who your audience is so you can tailor your messaging accordingly. Also look at if your following increasing, decreasing, or holding steady over a period of time.


  1. Are people interacting with your content?

Consider what people are liking, not liking, retweeting and so forth to gain insight into their preferences.


  1. How are people interacting with your various social media channels?

Consider if people are just reading your posts, versus commenting on it. Are the comments positive? Etc


  1. Which social media channel generates the most discussion?

Dedicate your precious time to the most ‘lively’ channels.


  1. Which of your posts are generating activity on Facebook or Twitter?

This will help you focus your energies appropriately. Post what people respond to. Your most popular posts may also provide insight into what people like or dislike. Read their comments, look for controversies etc.


Data can be the currency of social media marketing to boost your campaign’s popularity and success, by easily obtaining the public’s opinion in a “free space”. The challenge facing many politicians trying to analyze their social media accounts is that they do not know what questions to ask of their data. Above we provided just 5 easy starting points.

In summary, you want to use your social media analysis to do the following:

  • Measure the accomplishment of every social message so you can identify your most attractive content (and improve future messages).
  • Use real data to gain insight into what the public is talking about (to tailor your messaging)
  • Identify trends and understand what your audience wants.
  • Know who is interested in you so that you can continue to engage them throughout your campaign


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