How to Predict Which Tweets Will Do Well

Thriving online social networks offer new tools that can help our current generation of politicians to communicate with the public more effectively. As Twitter is one of the most widely used social media networks, being a strategic tweeter can help you convey your message to the public, and ultimately (and hopefully) gain their support.

While tweets are often targeted toward your followers, any recent tweet can be searched for by any Twitter user and then be replied to or retweeted by that user, irrespective of whether or not they are one of your followers. Ultimately, the more people that engage with your tweet (positively), the more ‘successful’ your tweet is said to be.

Below we outline how to be savvy and active to avoid wasting your time with useless tweets and how to best predict which tweets get the best response from your audience.

To try to predict the success of your tweet, we recommend asking the following:

  • Who is my targeted audience? Why?
  • Does this tweet align with your audience interests?
  • Am I using the language that my targeted audience uses? Does the tweet match the hashtags your audience uses?
  • How will your content will be consumed by your followers?
  • Am I posting at a time people will see this? Is my tweet time sensitive? Is it relative to what people are talking about now?
  • How will my tweet enhance the conversation on a particular subject matter?
  • Am I sharing something novel? Is this even interesting to my audience?
  • How will I measure the success of this tweet? What am I trying to get out of the tweet? (i.e: responses, retweets, likes etc)

Remember that knowing your audience is a critical key to success. You cannot answer any of the above questions without knowing what your audience likes, dislikes, wants and cares about. The best way to do so, is to analyze their tweets themselves. Another good strategy is to not be afraid with experimentation for each marketing initiative, so you can learn more about which types of tweets your audience likes most.

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