How New Politco is Changing the World of Elections

Unlike the political brand managers in the past, we now have access to social media and digital platforms like never before. Such platforms have opened up a world of data analytics whereby masses of social analytics allow us the capacity to enable better predictive modeling and influences on campaign strategies.


While traditionalist pollsters may routinely dismiss it’s potential, or down right ignore it, social media analytics can provide an increasingly amount of critical information politicians and those behind their political campaigns need to generate data-driven insights on the public that enables such data to become an active influence when making any big marketing or messaging decisions.

As a result, many companies have developed social media analytics tools. While their methodologies may seem revolutionary, they can actually be simple- to simply analyze social media. However, what makes the tool  and features used by New Politco different is the ability for it to be a means of predictive analytics and actionable next steps. Unlike other brands, New Politco can offer the data every political brand needs: insight into their targeted markets that is tailored to their specific requests and what to do about it, derived by experts and from the data.


Learn more about our features below:

Grow: Know whether you are reaching and growing a relevant fan-base

A look at who you is reading and reacting to your messages provides real value. Ideally, you should consistently grow your following, which can be done by ensuring that the ways you are engaging your audience (whether it be through content you’re providing or your messaging) is enticing enough to attract new fans.

New Politco can provide you with an overview of those who are engaging with your content, and can monitor your audience’s reactions to certain posts to determine which time periods and messages are best for bringing in new fans. 

Listen:  Automatically surfaces the most important topics your voters are talking about

Simply put, listening to the public is important as they are the ones who will make or break your success. Gauging what your potential voters are talking about can help you ensure that your messaging aligns with their interests. Exploring what the most popular topics are can indicate that your audience found the topic or type of content particularly helpful, or had a strong emotional or psychological connection to it.

Unique Voice: Develop a brand that speaks to voters by communicating in a voice your audience connects with is very important.

While you can learn what is important to the public by listening to them, how they will listen to you depends on how you are speaking with them. New Politco will provide insight into the words and hashtags you should be using to engage more voters- mimicking the language and hashtags of your most influential voters. In the simplest of messages, without a common vocabulary and sufficient trust in your campaign’s words the public will be less likely to vote for you.

Competitor Analysis: Monitoring your opposition’s social media presence allows you to understand their advantages and disadvantages, and respond accordingly.

With New Politco, you can track and analyze your competitors on a variety of elements, giving you a complete view of the political landscape and allowing you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals.  Doing so can be helpful for a variety of reasons, including revealing your strengths and shortcomings or following element’s that the competitors are doing well. While public insight is valuable, so is knowing your competitors. New Politico can offer suggestions on how to pull off a campaign brand growth or even a complete revitalization based on the insight provided o where you stand, as compared to your competitors.

Detractors: create positive associations to disassociate from detractors 

Large-name individuals or brands who speak negatively about us may be one of the reason most politicians stay off social media in the first place. As with influencers, your campaign’s detractors must also be clearly understood in order to manage effective and smart engagement with them. New Politico can help you identify these individuals and offer tips on how to react in a positive way, that may create positive associations. Even when dealing with those who may detract from your positive campaign brand, you must handle them with grace, and honesty. Doing so in a way that can improve your brand is possible.

Communicate: Enhance the effectiveness of your messages to drive brand health and voter satisfaction. 

Delivering effective messages requires carefully crafted coordination and execution. Through a magnitude of combined analytics (finding common themes in the public’s messages, messages public opinion, demographic data,  tracking social sentiment and changes in public opinion etc), New Politco can provide insight into the messages your brand should be conveying in a proactive and preemptive trial strategy, depending on your goal. Unlike analyzing other amounts of Big data, New Politco is able to do so in a way that is not fragmented and that is easy to reassemble.

Export: You can use our result to create customized reports, along with data exportable using common formats such as Excel CSV, PDF and JPEGs.

Looking at a customized social media report can be key to exploring and explaining your progress on social media. New Politco is able to create customized reports on virtually any measure that is available for easy download or delivery in a variety of formats.

The Social Media landscape is vast. A comprehensive and targeted plan is needed to use it appropriately. Detailed social media analytics tools and services, such as New Politco can help identify the information you need. New Politco is unique in that it offers the  advanced tools and specialized skills to make your data insights meaningful. 

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