KI DESIGN’s Tips To Build Your Political Brand

Nowadays it seems starting a political campaign and building your political brand happen in tandem. Political branding is about how a political individual is perceived overall by the public and hopefully those voting for him/her. After all, branding can be your number one key to success.

Below we highlight some tips to help you build your best political brand, this year.

  1. Don’t rely too heavily on social media

While there is no doubt that social media is all the rage these days, we do not recommend using social media as your soul marketing method. When you do use social media, be the real you. If you come across as ‘too pushy’ or unauthentic people will push away.

  1. When using social media, optize it widely.

Politicians who are about effectively analyze social media content will always be one step ahead of the game. Advanced social media analyzing tools, such as the KI SOCIAL can monitor social media (i.e.: Twitter and Facebook) and other internet platforms (i.e.: blogs, forums and media sharing websites) and provide actionable steps. For example, the tool can allow you to identify key people or up and coming figures who can help you advance your campaign and draw national attention. Having the right people on your team is crucial. Further, such social media analyzing tools can benchmark and track the performance of your social media accounts to identify which content is driving engagement and understand whether those conversations are positive or negative, who’s getting involved, and more.

  1. Be Visible

In parallel to our above points, we need to stress the need to be visible. You cannot expect to build a great personal brand just from behind your computer or Instagram page. We recommend doing various forms of socializing and marketing- attend industry conferences, allow incoming messages on your social media platforms, host meet and greets, hold live video sessions, post on YouTube etc. The options are endless.  The more people you know and more importantly, the more people you reach, the stronger your brand will be.

  1. Share valuable content and breaking news.

We cannot highlight the importance of becoming a source of information. In fact, many experts say that you know your brand is strong when people rely on you as a source of relevant information. You should strive to be ‘the person’ people contact for breaking news or expert advice. This can help you build your following and ultimately, attract more people to viewing you as credible.

  1. Know your audience

You need to carve yourself a successful niche. In today’s tough political climate, with seemingly endless politicians and up and coming organizations to support, you’ve got to separate yourself from everyone else and the best way to do so is to create a niche.  Reflect on what makes you unique and do not try to be like anyone else. As we said earlier, be authentic.

Political branding can help a political candidate create or maintain a great reputation and support, and create a trusting relationship between political elites and the public. Above we highlighted a few easy suggestions to help you create the strongest political brand you can. While it may seem daunting, building a political brand is worth the time and effort. In today’s competitive polticial climate, building a political brand can be seen as a necessity and the need for a brand will only continue to increase. Know who you are and what you stand for, and you will succeed.




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