The Importance The Right of Hashtags

Social media has become one of the most important platforms politicians have. Different media outlets can be used to reach different goals. Many studies have concluded that candidates who are actively engaged with positive interactions on social media receive larger voter shares. This can be done through interacting with your constituents which strengthens the overall democratic experience. It engages voters, builds trust and alters how you are perceived.


Designated by a ‘hash’ symbol (#), a hashtag is a keyword assigned to information that describes a tweet and aides in searching. Following hashtags is one of the first steps to capitalize on trends, discussions and sentiment. Research and our real-world success has shown that hashtags and keywords can accurately predict election results, shifts in attitudes and explain the public’s political behaviour.


The tool used by New Politico, can help you determine what hashtags your followers are using, which individuals are contributing to the conversation using the appropriate keywords and hashtags and provide insight into what words you should be using when engaging directly with the public. Tracking hashtags also ensures that you will be able to answer the publics’ questions, comments and concerns, using the language they are. Hashtags are also a great way to inform journalists who use Twitter for research to help them include your tweets in their articles- only expanding the reach of your brand.


The value of a political hashtag derives from the real-time nature of the information shared.New Politico’s software not only collects information, it also analyzes it so that you and your team can best understand hashtag user activity. As hashtags allow users who are not following you to see your tweets and content that you put out on various social media sites, knowing which ones to use can also increase your following and with the right messages, also your fan base. Identifying what is trending and getting involved with the conversation through a hashtag is crucial to expanding your brand’s reach.


This is a follow up to our blog post:  The Importance of Social Media for Branding In All Political Campaigns – New Politico. For more details on the importance of social media in branding your campaign, please read the article.

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