How to Use Social Media to Keep Your Campaign Brand Relevant?

Social media has experienced a rapid growth in the number of users and has become the subject of the increasing amount of big data discuss. The potentials of analyzing the big data contained on social media appears to be most promising in the context of political campaigns as they can allow for wider public engagement and participation.

In 2008, President Obama corralled a large number of young adult votes by engaging with them on Facebook and Twitter. Other candidates have since rushed to adopt similar social media strategies. The most important thing to using social media is to stay relevant so that your efforts and posts are not done in vain. Here within we outline some basic strategies politicians can use to keep their politician campaign brand relevant on social media.

  1. Build a Unique Brand

Identify what you stand for, where you want to go, where you look outwards and ultimately, who you are. Once you’ve done this, make sure that everything you post conveys this. Every post you make on a social media platform must follow a pattern, be consistent throughout all the platforms you use and be part of a skillful message.


  1. Pay attention to what Generates the Most Conversations

Social media has allowed politicians to have an interactive communication almost instantly with the public. People post about their personal expressions, wishes, experiences and more on social media all the time. Thus it is very important to tap into the messages people comment on, and identify which posts of yours generate the most conversation. Part of the effect of social media has been the benefit of real-time communication and while we know you won’t have time to read everything in real-time, paying attention the most popular conversations can give you real insight into what people like and their comments on it.


  1. Use the language of the public

Simply put, if people do not understand you, they will not commutate with you. Try to avoid legal or politician “jargon” and speak in lay terms to reach a wider variety of people. They in turn, will most likely relay to you clear messages. Additionally, people may use different languages on different social media platforms (for example, more short forms on Twitter but lengthier messages on Facebook posts)- pay attention to this as well.


  1. Post Regularly

It may sound obvious, but one of the downfalls we see people do all the time is posting    consistently when they first go ‘live’ on social media then never again. To stay in the minds of social media users, you must produce new content on the regular. It is important to know what the public deems as ‘regular’. Monitor your trends. Perhaps, they want you posting three times a day or oppositely, three times a week- do that.


In 2017, social media is an inescapable part of any political campaign strategy.  Especially for those trained for their career paths in ways that did not include social media, it can be challenging to connect with your audience in the ways that they desire and expect. Above we just offered a few tips on how you can continue to resonate with your supporters in a constantly evolving social media landscape.


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