How to make Influencer Secrets Your Next Political Marketing Tool

Nowadays political marketing does not end when the election campaign is over. In this era of permanent campaigning, there have never been more options of who to support or what causes to get behind. What is more is the number of varied opinions that the public hears about these two areas. But there are only so much time people have to research these markets. The public is relying on the informed guidance of people who have already vetted the opinions. These people are called ‘influencers’. Influences are those people who use their voice to endorse, support or decry politicians, with a profound effect on the options and actions of their online following and audiences.

In the realm of politics, influences are passion at and informed and can help a particular politician that they support amplify their message and supporters. Influences share their candid thoughts, options and expertise across all of their social media networks to directly influence and connect with their broader personal network and other targeted audiences. As a result of the never-ending campaign, more and more are becoming more trusting of a third party than the campaign’s messaging themselves, meaning feedback from a trusted source can have a much greater impact on the public’s voting decisions than messages delivered via traditional campaigning efforts. And online, in our digitally connected world, the power of that feedback scales quickly.

Influencer marketing has three key benefits:

  • Relevance

Translates a politicians message for easy consumer consumption – influencers put messages in a context that’s more relevant to the audience.

  • Authenticity

Generates a valuable network built on trusted, two-way communication.

  • Reach

Has an inherently multiplicative effect – influencers reach a targeted audience that is already receptive to their opinions and likely to share messages with their own networks.

According to Schlesinger Associates (2015), 81% of business marketers say influencer marketing is effective- so why not try this for your campaign? After all, what do you have to lose? Today, most political races primarily happen online.

Influencers acting as a brand advocate can also educate the public of your messaging and positions, build authority through additional content development, and help counteract negative feedback by providing and responding with an authentic point of view. Influencer marketing is also cost-effective and practical. Done well, it can directly increase sales and enhance the impact of existing marketing efforts without requiring the development of a completely new strategy.




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